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SignalPath™ 230 Technical Note 2

Signaling Between One ANSI SS7 Signaling Link and Multiple ITU SS7 (C7) Signaling Links
When using the SignalPath™ 230 (SP230) to convert signaling on calls between ANSI SS7 and ITU SS7 (C7) networks, it is possible to have one signaling link on the ANSI side and multiple signaling links on the ITU side. The only requirement is that the Circuit Identification Codes (CICs) on the ITU side must be unique for each carrier with no overlapping of CICs.
Signaling protocol conversion between one ANSI SS7 and multiple ITU SS7 (C7) Links
Figure 1: Carrier with one ANSI SS7 signaling link routing through the  SP230 to several carriers with multiple ITU SS7(C7) signaling links
Signaling protocol conversion between ANSI SS7 and ITU SS7 C7) links
Figure 2:Carrier with redundant ANSI SS7 signaling links routing through the SP230 to two different ITU carriers with redundant SS7 (C7) signaling links
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