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Encore Networks Unveils Industry's First Commercial M-Class LTE Wireless Router at CES 2017

EN-400™ CAT M1 LTE Router Designed for M2M and IoT Applications

Chantilly, VA - January 4, 2017 - Encore Networks today announced the introduction of the industry's first commercial M-Class LTE wireless router, the EN-400™. Built for use on LTE Category M1 (CAT M) networks, the EN-400™ M-Class router is designed for the exponentially growing number of low bandwidth, low power applications requiring lower cost cellular connectivity. CAT M networks are specifically built for IoT and M2M applications and are distinct from existing LTE CAT 4 networks used for smartphones and tablets.

Industry analysts project the number of IoT devices will grow to over 30 billion by 2020, dwarfing the cell phone market which is currently holding at about 7 billion connections. This makes low bandwidth IoT the next growth market for cellular carriers. Unlike cell phones, IoT devices typically require only small amounts of data at infrequent intervals making CAT M an ideal solution for applications such as payment processing, ATM's, kiosks, sensors, and remote monitoring.

The EN-400™ M-Class router also provides a migration path for existing IoT deployments to migrate from the installed base of Legacy 2G devices which are facing the end of their serviceable life. The EN-400™ M-Class platform includes cyber security features not previously available on 2G hardware such as VPNs, firewalls and encryption, including IPsec, AES and 3DES. In addition, the EN-400™ M-Class router provides more reliable network coverage in buildings and does so using less power, allowing solar and battery powered monitoring devices to last longer with LTE CAT M devices.

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