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Encore Networks Signs Master Distribution Agreement with SYNNEX Corporation

Chantilly, VA – December 6, 2016 - Encore Networks has entered into a master distribution agreement with leading technology solutions distributor, SYNNEX Corporation. The agreement falls under the SYNNEX MOBILITYSolv group and provides their resellers with access to Encore's lines of EN™ and BANDIT™ wireless LTE routers.

Encore's EN™ commercial grade routers, dollar for dollar, offer the best value available today. The EN™ Series is tailored for M2M and IoT applications such as Digital Signage, Business Continuity, Video Surveillance, Point-of-Sale and ATMs on public and/or private wireless 4G LTE networks all managed with enCloud™, Encore's cloud-based enterprise management platform. The EN™ router product line includes the EN-1000™, named 2016 Product of the Year from IoT Evolution Magazine, a high-performance CAT 1 router developed for Verizon's 4G LTE Network. It is a perfect replacement for 2/3G applications and being an LTE solution, supports network longevity.

Also available are Encore's industrially hardened BANDIT™ routers designed for network applications in locations with harsh environmental conditions and wide temperature ranges such as utility sub-stations, power plants and waste and water facilities. The BANDIT™ supports all variants of the SCADA protocol, 150+ Legacy messaging protocols, and 10+ hardware inputs through the IP+Legacy™ platform. Encryption of all traffic and complete remote management is available. The BANDIT™ ensures secure system data and network connections directly to the Internet, secure WAN and LAN, or commercial cellular data IP services. Customers have complete freedom to configure the BANDIT™ to any transmission service as either primary or backup including Frame Relay, VSAT, cellular wireless, cable modem, DSL, fiber, microwave and dial-up. With its seamless host site diversification failover feature, the BANDIT™ is ideal for disaster recovery and application load sharing to multiple host sites.

All Encore wireless routers move data through the public and/or private IP cellular infrastructure removing the dependence on copper lines while providing VPN technology. All Encore routers have a three-year warranty and provide license free Enterprise Class IP, VPN, Firewall, Routing and IP interworking features.

For more information, contact Encore Networks at 703-318-4325 or email sales@encorenetworks.com.

To contact SYNNEX directly call Alex Langley at 864-373-7463 or by email at alexlangley@synnex.com .

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Encore Networks www.encorenetworks.com is a leading manufacturer of commercial enterprise and industrial hardened routers. Encore Routers embed 4G cellular modems and feature IP, SSL, VPN, Firewall, Ethernet Switching, Legacy Copper Line POTS replacement, and serial data to IP interworking. Made in the USA, Encore's BANDIT™ and EN™ routers are built for numerous Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and M2M applications including SCADA, Smart Grid, Security, Transportation, Lottery, Retail and Banking industries. Encore's enCloud™ Enterprise Cloud Management platform enables users to manage, monitor and configure distributed enterprises from a central location through the cloud. Encore enables companies to reduce total cost of ownership by reducing dependence on high cost wireline connections and converting them seamlessly to next generation cellular connections while protecting their embedded equipment investment.

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