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Advisory - Cyber Security Malware

The Stuxnet Virus, first detected in June of this year, is the first known computer worm or Malware designed specifically to target and infiltrate industrial Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software used to monitor and control facilities such as oil refineries, electric power plants, nuclear power plants, pipelines, and chemical plants.

Stuxnet is primarily spread via USB sticks, which allows it to infect computers and networks that aren't connected to the Internet. Unlike most Malware, Stuxnet is not intended to steal proprietary data or for financial gain. It is solely intended to launch digital strikes at physical targets within core operating software.

"This could very well be the first time we've witnessed a cyber weapon created to cross from the digital realm to the physical world for the sole purpose of sabotage," said Peter Madsen, President and CEO of Encore Networks. "This highly customized Malware is designed to find a particular target and needs no outside guidance to take control of your infrastructure."

Recognizing for years that Cyber security is of paramount importance for advanced automation and communications networks, Encore has designed and implemented security solutions for electric, gas and oil utilities as well as pipelines and alternative fuel facilities.

Encore ensures the security and reliability of Cyber assets with its BANDIT™ line of industrial and temperature hardened security devices. BANDIT™ ruggedized routers all include firewalls, VPN capabilities, the ELIOS™ proprietary operating system, and no outside interface connections such as USB ports and flash drives. All Encore products are NERC CIP, NIST and FERC compliant which address specific mandated security requirements for the protection of utility SCADA networks.

Mr. Madsen continued, "Encore views Cyber security as more than just a function of software. We take a two pronged approach to minimize the risks of an attack. First, by designing a router with no outside interfaces we have eliminated unauthorized access to a SCADA network through an unprotected USB port, which is the method used to launch the Stuxnet worm. Second, since Encore's ELIOS™ operating system is proprietary, it is virtually impossible to target, making it much more secure than commercial operating systems used in various other routers."

Stuxnet is a wake-up call not only for the utility industry, but for everyone who relies on the power grid. Groups or individuals intent on the destruction of the world's power infrastructure have become more sophisticated, dangerous and well funded.

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