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Continental Plastics Selects Rugged Routers from Encore Networks for High Speed Serial-to-IP Conversion

Encore’s BANDIT 3 ™ Eliminates Continental’s Slow, Expensive DDS Circuits and Provides a Secure, Economical IP Network

Chantilly, VA, October 1, 2010 - Encore Networks today announced that Continental Plastics Company has installed Encore's industrially hardened (rugged) router, the BANDIT-3™, to provide Serial-to-IP conversion between their Fraser, Michigan corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities. As part of the plan to reduce legacy network operating costs while migrating to an IP infrastructure, Continental utilized the high speed serial protocol conversion capabilities of the BANDIT-3™ to eliminate their costly Digital Data Service (DDS) circuits.

"By eliminating our expensive DDS, we realized an immediate reduction in network operating costs," stated Bill Soule, Information Technology Manager of Continental Plastics. "Also, by installing the BANDIT we were able to retain much of our existing legacy equipment, allowing us to upgrade to IP at our own pace."

Encore's BANDIT-3™ is an industrially hardened cyber security router with an integrated firewall, terminal server, serial-to-IP conversion, legacy protocol conversion and Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality. Ideally suited for the harsh environments located in manufacturing facilities, the BANDIT-3™ ensures secure, high-throughput voice and data networking connections directly to cellular, VSAT or terrestrial networks.

"The rugged BANDIT is significantly more robust than standard routers and less susceptible to failure in areas with high levels of electromagnetic interference, inordinate levels of vibration or shock and wide ranges in temperatures," said Matthew Girard, Senior Director of Business Development for Encore Networks.

"Continental's application is at the core of our strength in Legacy-to-IP conversion significantly improving network availability and reliability." Continental Plastics is a leader in manufacturing thermoplastic injection molded interior and exterior products for the automotive industry. Founded in 1951, Continental operates multiple facilities throughout Michigan and Georgia.

Mr. Girard continued, "Even though Continental has modern, state-of-the-art facilities, they are still manufacturing plants. The hardened technology of the BANDIT provides them with the peace of mind that their network will not go down due to any unforeseen interference in their manufacturing environment."

To learn more about Encore Networks line of industrially hardened and commercial grade VPN security solutions visit www.encorenetworks.com or e-mail info@encorenetworks.com.

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