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Frequently Asked Questions - Satellite VPN

1. What is Selective Layer Encryption (SLE™)?
Encore Network's patented breakthrough SLE™ is a feature that improves the performance of IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) services over satellite networks.

2. What does SLE™ do?
SLE™ enables data encryption above the TCP/IP layers. Specifically, it enables interoperability with enhanced satellite link protocols, mitigating the long propagation delay characteristics associated with satellite networks and resulting in significant performance improvements of IP VPNs over satellite links.

3. How do you configure SLE™ tunnels on the BANDIT™?
You configure SLE™ tunnels in the same way as standard IPSec tunnels. The data above TCP layer is encrypted using the negotiated encryption algorithms and dynamic keys.

4. How flexible is SLE?
SLE™ enables you to encrypt selective TCP traffic by defining the policy rules according to your requirements. You can set the policy rules to expose or encrypt applications that operate above the TCP layers (e.g., HTTP, Telnet, FTP, etc.). SLE™’s flexible design makes it is easy to add and set other Layer 4 protocols to the same scheme already defined.

5. With which brands of modem can the BANDIT™ with SLE™ interoperate?
To date, Encore has successfully tested the BANDIT™ with Hughes modems; however, the design is open to other satellite modems as well.

6. What does it cost to implement the SLE™ feature in the BANDIT™?
There is no separate charge for the SLE™ support in the BANDIT™. SLE™ will be included as a standard BANDIT™ feature with Software Release 2.

7. How can I order a BANDIT™?
To discuss BANDIT™ pricing options and details about placing an order, call Encore Networks at 703- 318-7750, or send an email to sales@encorenetworks.com

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