Immediate Action Required to Keep your Verizon Wireless 4G Router Connected

Certain customers of Verizon Wireless have received an email to the customer of record email address informing them of a network upgrade that may negatively affect EN-1000™, EN-2000™, and EN-4000™ devices, causing them to be kicked offline and be unable to reconnect to the cellular network.

This is due to an incompatibility between older Sequans cellular module software and an upcoming Verizon Network update. Encore has used the Sequans cellular module with the affected software in some of their EN-1000™, EN-2000™, and EN-4000™ model cellular routers.

To determine if you have an affected device find the IMEI of your router, if it begins with 35419607 or 35188407 you are affected. The IMEI can be found in three places printed on the bottom of the router, on the status screen of the router (the first page that shows up when you log in), or on the device page of enCloud. If your IMEI does not begin with either of these numbers you are not affected.

To address this situation, your router’s Sequans module requires an upgrade using Verizon’s Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) service. This one-time upgrade is free from Verizon Wireless and requires no user interaction, it is sent from Verizon directly to your router. But you must follow the following instructions from Verizon in order to receive it:

  1. You must sign, scan and send the below Verizon Upgrade Authorization Form to VzW Open Development and copy and and Tom Kittle (
    • Or simply use this link which will create the email for you: VZW Open Development –FOTA Update Request email link
      • You will need to attach the signed form to the email
    • You will need to schedule your FOTA update with them
  2. You must ensure that text messaging (SMS) is enabled on your machine to machine accounts
    • SMS is how the FOTA server informs the module of the FOTA update. If SMS is turned off the FOTA update will fail and your affected Sequans module will not be updated.
    • SMS is usually on by default. If you aren’t sure SMS is turned on for your accounts contact your Verizon rep
  3. You must complete this update before the device is affected by the network upgrade.
    • The network update will start rolling out in the 2nd week of August 2018 and be rolled out incrementally throughout the country.
    • If your device is affected and goes offline due to the incompatibility you will be unable to use FOTA to update the module and the device will have to be returned to Encore via RMA to be updated.

Click Here for the Verizon Upgrade Authorization Form

Verizon Sent A Notification on July 13, 2018
CLICK HERE to See That Notification